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About Us


About Us

Carleton Electric Ltd. was established in 1988 as an electrical contracting firm. The intent was to provide electrical service and installation of a more technically specialized nature for a wide range of cliental.

Our Company

At present Carleton Electric Ltd has 18 employees most of who have been with Carleton Electric Ltd for 10 years or more. Our company has five million dollars liability coverage and bonding capability to one million dollars.

Mission Statement

We will endeavor to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of workmanship and material to fulfill their electrical needs and to provide effective solutions for our customers.

Our Availability

Carleton Electric Ltd. has partnered with many other electrical contractors and clients to provide solutions for complex electrical projects.

Resume of Key Employees

Bill McKee

Bill McKee

  • 50 years in the electrical Industry
  • Journeyman for A.D. Ross working on the worlds largest paper machine at that time for three years.
  • General Foreman for Campbell & Kennedy Electric for 10 years gaining valuable experience in high-rise construction
  • Electrical estimation and electrical manager for the Eastern Division of Black & MacDonald Limited for 10 years until 1988
  • Owner and Operator of Carleton Electric Ltd from 1988 to present
  • Post-Secondary education, Gold seal in project management, treasurer of the Ontario Electrical Contractors Association, past-president of ECA Ottawa and master license for both Ontario and Quebec
Mark Conrad

Mark Conrad

  • 40 years in the Electrical Industry
  • Apprenticed with Black & MacDonald Ltd gaining experience in a wide variety of industrial work
  • Journeyman for Black & MacDonald and progressing to Foreman
  • Leaving Black & MacDonald in 1988 to form Carleton Electric as a partner in 1988
  • Post-secondary education, Gold seal in project management, treasurer of the Ontario Electrical Contractors Association, past-president of ECA Ottawa and master licence for both Ontario and Quebec
Steve Currie

Steve Currie

  • 27 years in the electrical industry
  • Steve was Carleton Electrics first employee and he progressed from apprentice to a key employee
  • Steve is now in a supervisory capacity and is responsible for larger projects along with smaller more focused technical work
  • Steve is also a fully licensed electrician with a work protecton license for high voltage isolation
  • Responsible for project estimation in addition to his other work
  • Since Steve was the first employee he was forced to learn very quickly and was exposed to a great variety of electrical work. This vast experience serves our present and future clients
  • Some of Steves recent accomplishments were at Ottawa University. Three complete sets of high voltage switchgear to replace the existing ones in addition to installing a high voltage loop. This was completed within a strict six month time frame with a firm cost of $2.6 million. Steve accomplished all of this work on time and on budget with only two 1/2 hour shutdowns.

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